Commercial Collections




"We have been doing business with your company for about 10 years. In my 40 years in the credit business, I have never been happier with a collection agency than I am with yours."

- Coca-Cola

Collection Experience

Collections ExperienceIt's more than having qualified team members in the right positions. It's empowering those team members with the tools and environment to succeed. The way to our client's heart lies not only in our software, systems or processes, but also in our people.

Our accounts receivable representatives have the experience to generate superior results on behalf of our clients. Our proven, comprehensive business practice methodology permeates throughout our company. Our common goal is to improve the performance of every team member, every day.

Our staff is trained to work in the first party mode, contacting your customers in your name or they can utilize the impact of professional third party intervention to affect resolution of your accounts. We are an integral component of our clients' accounts receivable strategy, helping them sustain top A/R performance in a rapidly changing environment. As a result, our clients have achieved tangible business results fast: improved profitability, increased collections and enhanced customer retention.

The depth of experience of our management team is un-matched in the industry. Our team averages over 25+ years of experience providing solutions to the commercial accounts receivable market segment. The entire team's experience level, coupled with the passion we have for our business equates to developing effective, professional and profitable business relationships with our clients.

Collection Specialization

CRFSolutions has been successful in collecting millions of dollars for Clients around the world. The following list is an example of some of the industries that CRFSolutions specializes in;

* Agriculture
* Apparel
* Automotive
* Communications
* Construction
* Drugs/Cosmetics
* Electronics
* Finance
* Food/Beverage
* Giftware
* Health Care (Overpayments, Health Premiums)
* Industrial Equipment
* Insurance (Commercial Premiums)
* Professional Services
* Publishers/Printers/Advertising
* International Debt 
* Sporting Goods
* Transportation Services
* Wholesale Distributors