Commercial Collections




"I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your staff at CRF Solutions on the excellent work you have done with the accounts we have placed with your office over the last 12 years. I look forward to our continued business relationship..."

- Ernest Paper Products

Collection Certification

Ask most collection professionals how to become a good collector, and they will tell you it involves attending the school of hard knocks. Although it is true that you cannot get a college degree in debt collections, and nothing beats good old fashioned experience, there are sources available in our industry that will help new collectors, as well as experienced collectors, hone their skills which leads to higher success rates on your accounts.

This is why CRFSolutions makes sure all of our collectors are certified by both the International Association of Commercial Collectors and the Commercial Collection Agency Association.


IACC Certified Commercial Collector Program

For over 30 years, the International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. (IACC) has promoted excellence through the training and education of commercial collection professionals.

IACC believes that collectors must be knowledgeable about a wide variety of issues for their agency to compete effectively in the challenging commercial collection industry. Whether we have new collectors to train or experienced collectors to motivate to higher levels of performance, the IACC Certified Commercial Collector Program is a great tool to help us reach these goals.

In addition to the productivity gained by employing thoroughly trained collectors, our agency also benefits from the unique and impressive marketing edge of having a staff of IACC certified professionals. When our collectors attain the designation of IACC Certified Commercial Collectors, our clients and potential clients are assured that knowledgeable industry experts will be handling their accounts.


CLLA Certified Commercial Collection Program

Dedicated to upholding and maintaining the integrity of Commercial Collection Agencies through a forum providing open discussion of mutual problems and continuing education.

Successful completion of this program results in knowledgeable professionals who have an excellent grasp of the workings of the commercial collection industry. It is an excellent program for developing top notch collectors as well as candidates for supervision and management positions within the industry.