Construction Notices




"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you have provided over the past 14 years. Your ability to handle our difficult bad debt accounts has proven that your collection agency is the best in the business."

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Construction Notices

Construction Notices The importance of sending out timely and accurate Preliminary Notices is a crucial aspect to maintaining your lien rights in the event of non-payment. Our records show that over 80% of the jobs assigned to CRFSolutions have erroneous or incomplete information. Verifying or determining accurate job information is one of the most important and valuable aspects of maintaining your lien rights. Sending notices without verifying the job information can lead to the loss of lien rights.

The information that CRFSolutions gathers during the job verification process is helpful with follow up collection efforts. This information is readily available to you through ClientView.

Information Regarding Preliminary Notices

Preliminary Notices can be requested via the ClientView System. In addition to being able to track the progress of jobs online, an exact copy of the notice is stored in history allowing clients to reprint and maintain their own online electronic database. ClientView also enables our clients to create and print Lien Waivers from their computers for any job in the system, with a copy being stored in history for future retrieval.

CRFSolutions' experience and programming abilities have enabled us to work with many of our clients to automate the process of submitting job account information directly from their internal billing systems. This not only saves time, it also increases the accuracy of the job information provided to us.

All acknowledgements and confirmations are available either online or via e-mail or fax on a timely basis, and the fee schedule is very competitive when compared to other lien service companies.

CRFSolutions provides a one-stop shop for all aspects of the lien process, including Preliminary Notices, Notice To Owner, Waivers, Notice of Intents, Stop Notices, Mechanics Liens, Releases and attorney referrals for perfecting liens.