Construction Notices




"Your core collection services continue to be excellent and CRFS has been responsive to our needs and suggestions. I am at the point where I now have a totally different approach and I direct rather then suggest that my credit managers use CRF Solutions."

- Consolidated Electrical Dist.

Notice Service Highlights

Lien Service Overview ClientView(TM) - A Free and Flexible Web Based System, offers clients a system that can be customized to better fit their individual needs. ClientView allows clients to automate the process of managing their construction notice needs, and provides tools to help make it easier for clients to maintain their lien rights.

Preliminary Notice / Notice to Owner - Once the client submits the job information either through ClientView or some other submission process, CRFSolutions springs into action and immediately begins the process of verifying all required job information to complete and send the Preliminary Notices/Notice to Owner forms to the respective parties.

Notices Sent Via Certified Mail - CRFSolutions ensures your notices are sent according to state law. Most states require that Lien Notices be sent via certified mail.

Record Management - CRFSolutions maintains records of all notices sent, certified mail numbers, returned receipts (from certified mail).

Waivers - CRFSolutions provides clients with a simple yet flexible process to manage the Waiver process. Through our ClientView system, clients can select the appropriate staff member who is authorized to produce waivers. CRFSolutions makes it very easy to generate Waivers even if the job was never sent a Preliminary Notice.

Mechanic Liens / Bond Claims - CRFSolutions provides nationwide Mechanic Lien and Bond Claim services by utilizing proven construction attorneys across the country. CRFSolutions provides a very detailed and comprehensive solution for clients who are ready to undertake the important process of protecting their lien rights.

Flexible Systems - The ability to work with regional/branch systems for larger decentralized clients. The ClientView System can be configured to allow Regional and Corporate Credit Executives to monitor and manage their district or branch locations with regards to their lien service coverage.

Integrate With Legacy and ERP Systems - CRFSolutions is unlike most other plain vanilla service providers. We have the resources and the technology to integrate completely with your legacy or ERP system. This becomes essential in order to automate and streamline the management of the lien process.

Client Focused and Responsive Associates - Our service is not complete without the diligence of our staff of highly trained lien specialist. This staff undergoes a stringent training program that prepares them to accomplish the necessary task of verifying job information.

Online Data Resources - CRFSolutions utilizes a number of online resources to obtain and verify accurate information on each job. In addition the company will verify job information via phone contacts.

A Nationwide System for Construction Notice Services - CRFSolutions has developed a system to provide Construction Notice Services Nationally. Most lien service companies are generally equipped to only handle a handful of states

Client Education and Setup - CRFSolutions provides a comprehensive client education and setup process. Clients appreciate value added services that make their job easier.

Specialized Reporting - The ClientView System offers a flexible reporting system that meets most needs. For larger volume clients, CRFSolutions will develop specialized reports unique to the client and their needs.

Develop Needs Analysis / Process Flow Design - In today's business world, clients are constantly looking beyond plain vanilla services and partnering with companies like CRFSolutions to provide Solutions. Depending on the clients needs, CRFSolutions will provide clients with a "needs analysis" and a business process flow design to help develop a comprehensive plan for part or all of their overall accounts receivable.