Commercial Collections




"We have been doing business with your company for about 10 years. In my 40 years in the credit business, I have never been happier with a collection agency than I am with yours."

- Coca-Cola

Collection Services

Collections Services CRFSolutions has been a leading provider of Collection Services to the commercial credit industry for over two decades now. Many companies claim to be the best, but few can back it up the way we have. CRFSolutions has consistently outperformed its competition by returning maximum dollars to our clients´ bottom line, even in situations where our client did not think it was possible..

To understand our competitive advantage, one must understand the commitment of the founders. In a time when other founders have sold or are looking to sell their company to cash out their investment, the owners of CRFSolutions continue to be intimately involved with every aspect of the business and take pride in continuing to exceed our clients' expectations.

CRFSolutions collection strategy is designed to maximize financial returns for our clients. A variety of factors influence our collection strategy, including optimizing productivity, emphasizing the importance of the each phone contact, developing and implementing specialized work flow procedures custom designed for each client. Our processes include continuous measurements of quality, prioritization of accounts, and responding quickly to our clients´ requests.

The steps utilized to meet performance objectives include processes designed and developed from years of experience. Our collection approach addresses the unique recovery issues associated with each industry we serve. Additionally, our training programs promote effective negotiation skills in order to reach a satisfactory and timely solution. By promoting effective negotiation skills and focusing on the unique recovery issues associated with each industry, we maintain the dignity of the customer and improve the financial return for our clients.

CRFSolutions primary goal is to deliver cost-effective alternatives to managing non-value-added receivables management processes, thereby freeing our client's internal resources and allowing organizations to focus on their core competencies.