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"The collection staff used by CRF Solutions is professional and efficient in their approach to working our delinquent accounts. All communications are well presented and allow for quick and accurate responses in regards to any collection issue."

- C.C. Dickson Co.

Employees Of The Month


Danielle Sullivan – April 2022

Danielle Sullivan
Supervisor of Construction Notice Services
Employee of the Month – April 2022

Danielle has been doing an amazing job of facilitating training, supporting her team, and keeping pace with her responsibilities and commitment to our clients.

She is instrumental to the success of our internal training program.

Danielle has an “I got this”, attitude that builds confidence in others in our department. She is a great role model to the team.

Lorissa Gonzalez– March 2022

Lorissa Gonzalez
Verification Specialist
Employee of the Month – March 2022

Lorissa is the epitome of a team player. She is exceptionally consistent in hitting her daily goal and oftentimes goes above her daily requirements.

She will jump on any task assigned to her and make sure it’s handled in a timely manner as well as done right.

She is always the first to say good morning and adds an all-around welcoming vibe to the team.

She has continuously been a reliable heavy hitter on her team and we appreciate her diligence.

Congratulations Lorissa. Keep up the Great work!

Al Aguilar – February 2022

Al Aguilar
Verification Specialist
Employee of the Month – February 2022

With the acquisition of BICA, this is our first opportunity to name a former BICA employee as CRF Solutions Employee of the Month!

AL has over 20 years of project verification experience, but along with his service expertise, he has been the ‘go-to’ person on many other projects that keep the wheels greased at the satellite office.

From supplies, to post office to mailing our notices the transition has been seamless. Due in large part to him. He will pitch in whenever needed and has always been someone we rely on. He will get the job done – from verification to mailing – and anything that needs attention during the day.

Congratulations Al. Keep up the Great work!

Joanna Pound - January 2022

Joanna Pound
Senior Collection Specialist
Employee of the Month - January 2022

We are pleased to announce Joanna Pound as our January 2022 employee of the month.

Joanna will celebrate her 10 year anniversary with CRF in April and continues to be one of the most consistent revenue generators in the department.

She shattered her revenue goal in January and her recovery rates over the past 13 months are double of the industry standard.

Her willingness to help everyone in the department along with her ability to negotiate with our debtors makes her an invaluable member of our team.

Congratulations and keep up the great work, Joanna!

Sergio Renes - December 2021

Sergio Renes
Information Technology
Employee of the Month - December 2021

Sergio is a no-questions-asked employee, he is there for us no matter the time of day to help with whatever is needed.

We recently gave our office a bit of a makeover and Sergio was instrumental in making that happen. The amount of work he put into the coordination of breaking down the old and re-building the new was amazing. Our office is beautiful and we thank you for your part in that Sergio!

In addition to coordinating an office makeover and everything else that goes on daily, Sergio also kept our team up and running during another surge of the pandemic. He made sure those on our team that needed to, were set up to work remotely within hours.

Sergio is without question, an IT Rockstar! We could not do any of this without you and we appreciate all your hard work and dedication to CRF Solutions.