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"I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your staff at CRF Solutions on the excellent work you have done with the accounts we have placed with your office over the last 12 years. I look forward to our continued business relationship..."

- Ernest Paper Products

Employees Of The Month


Laura Saldana- September 2021

Laura Saldana
Lead Verification Specialist
Employee of the Month September 2021

As a Lead Verification Specialist, Laura is key to maintaining and growing her team. She takes initiative and jumps right into the monthly Texas two-step process, verifying and reviewing until everything is promptly out the door.

Laura juggles an impressive number of files each month never missing a beat. She does all of this while also making herself available to support other teams wherever she is needed.

She can be counted on to put in whatever time is needed to complete her daily tasks.

Keep up the great work Laura!

Sarai Rodriguez - August 2021

Sarai Rodriguez
Verification Specialist
Employee of the Month August 2021

Sarai is a huge asset to our team. Her work continues to be impeccable. Her consistent pace and accuracy make her one of our rising stars!

She continually meets and exceeds the goals she sets for herself. She is dependable and supportive to those in her department.

Sarai is always ready to help others without losing focus on her own daily tasks. She takes direction well and always has a positive attitude.

Keep up the great work Sarai!

Kristine Dagayloan– July 2021

Kristine Dagayloan
Administrative Support
Employee of the Month July 2021

Kristine has been with CRF Solutions for just over 2 years and already has made a big impression!

She is intelligent, diligent and has the most cheery dispostion. She is a positive member of the administrative team and we are fortunate to have her on our team.
She is always eager to learn, and is an integral part of CRF Solutions’ future!
We are so proud of Kristine's proactive work ethic

Congratulations Kristine, keep up the great work!

Danielle Decker – June 2021

Danielle Decker
Lead Verification Specialist
Employee of the Month - June 2021

As the supervisor of our Lien Department, Danielle always gets the job done. She consistently finds the most efficient way to accomplish her departments' goals.

Danielle is very supportive of her team whenever and wherever needed.
She is just such a joy to be around because she has such a top-notch attitude.
Congratulations Danielle! Keep up the Great work!

Megan Henderson - May 2021

Megan Henderson
Verification Specialist
Employee of the Month - May 2021

Megan came to CRF and instantly became one of the heavy hitters. She is always willing to learn, take on new tasks, and help others with their workload.

Without even being asked she is always willing to take on greater responsibilities. Not only does Megan work hard for her own success, but also wants others around her to be just as successful.

Congratulations Megan! Keep up the Great work