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"Another year has gone by and CRFS continues to excel in the collection field.  Not only are your recoveries in the high 70% range, an accomplishment that some agencies never reach, but your entire staff is extremely helpful."

- Asics Tiger

Employees Of The Month


Shiloh Creel - February 2021

Shiloh Creel
Business Development Manager
Employee of the Month – February 2021

Shiloh has been a Business Development Manager with our Sales department for over 4 years where he consistently builds long-term relationships, drives revenue and professionally services our clients. His creative outreach campaigns, thorough follow-up and analytic problem solving are just a few of his many talents.

Although the pandemic of 2020 has certainly challenged business transactions and communications across many industries, during that time Shiloh has doubled his bottom line production measures and we as a company and team could not be happier with that elevated performance.

Congratulations Shiloh! Keep up the great work digging for growth

Maggie Parrott - January 2021

Maggie Parrott
Collections Supervisor
Employee of the Month - January 2021

Maggie has been one of the most consistent revenue generators in our Collection Department since 2009 and her strong client service skills along with her ability to negotiate with our debtors makes her an invaluable member of our team.

Maggie enjoyed her best revenue month ever in January collecting over 161% of her revenue goal. She continues to be a leader within the department as her experience, expertise and competitive nature make her one of the best in the business.

Congratulations Maggie! Keep up the great work.

Donna Sweet - December 2020

Donna Sweet
Legal Administrator
Employee of the Month - December 2020

Donna is in charge of our legal department and is responsible for insuring our attorneys are giving our valued clients the best representation available.

With the courts extremely backlogged due to COVID, Donna and her attorneys have continued their recovery successes and exceeded their December as well as their 2020 revenue targets.

March of 2021 will be Donna’s 20th anniversary with CRF and we greatly appreciate her continued commitment to the company and our valued clients.

Congratulations Donna! Keep up the Great work.

Sergio Renes- November 2020

Sergio Renes
Systems Administrator
November Employee of the Month

To say he is a Rock Star would be a vast understatement. For all of us here at CRF Solutions, he is our Silent Hero.

He is always on, night and day, from 4am calls to weekend office runs, he never seems to break a sweat, “cool as a cucumber” “above and beyond” these are terms used to describe Sergio on a regular basis.

He tirelessly works behind the scenes doing everything possible to foresee events before they impact our clients and staff.

Sergio’s preemptive ninja level skillset is impressive to say the least. When unforeseen events do surprise us, Sergio is on it without missing a beat, always with a smile on his face and a sense of humor to match.

Congratulations Sergio! Keep up the great work.

Jessica Echeverri-October 2020

Jessica Echeverri
Lead Verification Specialist
Employee of the Month October 2020

Jessica recently moved into the role of a Lead Verification Specialist. Her tenacity and work ethic have already shown her to be an excellent role model for those in her department.

One of the key components of her position is to train new team members. Her attention to detail and time management skills have helped to encourage and support new team members to acclimate quickly and become productive members of their team

Jessica is an essential member of our CRF Solutions team, her high standards are reflected in her work making her a formidable asset to the construction notice department.

Congratulations and keep up the great work, Jessica!