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"I've been particularly impressed with your Small Claims division. The guidance and documentation you prepare for our court appearances has made attendance painless and productive - I've not found this offered at any other agency."

- Anheuser Busch

Employees Of The Month


Nicole Fey - February 2024

Nicole Fey
Manager, Training & Development
Employee of the Month - February 2024

February’s EOM has been a key player in developing new processes and procedures for this department.

They have built, scaled, adapted, and streamlined many of our protocols in response to the rapid growth of our company in the recent years.

Their positive, high-energy attitude allows them to find creative ways to support the vision of our company, as well as foster and develop genuine relationships with their peers. They continue to take an active role in the success of others by always seeing the good in people and encouraging other members of the staff to do the same.

We are incredibly fortunate to have her as our Manager of Training and Development and look forward to working with her in the years to come. February’s employee of the month is Nicole Fey.

Yancy Walden - January 2024

Yancy Walden
Client Service-Sales Coordinator
Employee of the Month - January 2024

It is with great pleasure to announce Yancy Walden as our January Employee of the Month.

This recognition is well deserved as Yancy has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, enthusiasm, and a strong work ethic that significantly contributed to the success of our team and for our company.

This past month Yancy demonstrated his ability to take charge with a proactive approach and willingness to service both our internal and external clients with enthusiasm and motivation.

Yancy always brings an uplifting amount of energy to work everyday. His enthusiasm to learn and take on new challenges is contagious and contributes to creating a positive work environment for everyone. Yancy exemplifies the qualities we value in our team members, and we look forward to his continued growth and success with CRF Solutions.

Thank you Yancy for all your hard work and dedication to our team!

Maggie Parrott – December 2023

Maggie Parrott
Supervisor, Collections
Employee of the Month – December 2023

We are proud to announce that Maggie Parrott has been named the December 2023 CRF Employee of the Month.

Maggie had the best revenue year for an individual collector in our company's history. Her consistent efforts to give the best possible service to our clients is always appreciated. Additionally, she is constantly helping everyone within the department with her knowledge, experience, positive attitude, and motivation.

Congratulation to Maggie for a job well done!

Conner Hensley – November 2023

Conner Hensley
Verification Specialist
Employee of the Month – November 2023

We are pleased to announce Conner Hensley as November 2023 Employee of the Month!

Conner is a valuable team member of the Construction Notice crew. He has been with the company for over a year as a verification specialist and has taken on a mentorship role for his peers. His management team as well as his fellow co-workers have confidence in his work ethics and job knowledge.

His hard work is truly appreciated. He always goes above and beyond helping others. Keep up the fantastic job Conner!


Candice Michalk – October 2023

Candice Michalk
HR and Payroll Administrator
Employee of the Month – October 2023

We are pleased to announce Candice Michalk as October 2023 Employee of the Month!

Over the past month, Candice has demonstrated exceptional dedication, diligence, and leadership in handling various tasks, both those assigned to her and those she took upon herself. Candice's work ethic is truly commendable. She has consistently gone above and beyond by willingly putting in extra hours to ensure that her tasks are completed to the highest standards. Candice has taken on the significant challenge of overseeing the open enrollment and 401k transition processes. These are complex and crucial aspects of our company's operations, and Candice's ability to manage them effectively showcases her leadership and organizational skills.

Despite her busy schedule, Candice remains a team player. She assists her team around her when they need help. Candice's approachability and open-door policy have created a positive work environment. Employees feel comfortable approaching her with any concerns or thoughts about work. Her contributions have not gone unnoticed.

Congrats Candice!