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"Since we have been using your services for the last ten years I have come to the conclusion that your company has great and superior people that have the knowledge we need and rely upon when we have a customer to send over to you."

- Bunzl Distribution

Candice Michalk – October 2023


We are pleased to announce Candice Michalk as October 2023 Employee of the Month!

Over the past month, Candice has demonstrated exceptional dedication, diligence, and leadership in handling various tasks, both those assigned to her and those she took upon herself. Candice's work ethic is truly commendable. She has consistently gone above and beyond by willingly putting in extra hours to ensure that her tasks are completed to the highest standards. Candice has taken on the significant challenge of overseeing the open enrollment and 401k transition processes. These are complex and crucial aspects of our company's operations, and Candice's ability to manage them effectively showcases her leadership and organizational skills.

Despite her busy schedule, Candice remains a team player. She assists her team around her when they need help. Candice's approachability and open-door policy have created a positive work environment. Employees feel comfortable approaching her with any concerns or thoughts about work. Her contributions have not gone unnoticed.

Congrats Candice!

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