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"Your company is the BEST! The recovery rate you achieved for us was 50% higher then the competing agency's year end results. Your group has again out performed all other agencies that we had previously utilized here."

- Orange County Register

Yancy Walden - January 2024


It is with great pleasure to announce Yancy Walden as our January Employee of the Month.

This recognition is well deserved as Yancy has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, enthusiasm, and a strong work ethic that significantly contributed to the success of our team and for our company.

This past month Yancy demonstrated his ability to take charge with a proactive approach and willingness to service both our internal and external clients with enthusiasm and motivation.

Yancy always brings an uplifting amount of energy to work everyday. His enthusiasm to learn and take on new challenges is contagious and contributes to creating a positive work environment for everyone. Yancy exemplifies the qualities we value in our team members, and we look forward to his continued growth and success with CRF Solutions.

Thank you Yancy for all your hard work and dedication to our team!

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