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"The collection staff used by CRF Solutions is professional and efficient in their approach to working our delinquent accounts. All communications are well presented and allow for quick and accurate responses in regards to any collection issue."

- C.C. Dickson Co.

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January 5, 2022 / -- Building Industry Credit Association (BICA) members have approved by a wide margin the acquisition of their organization by CRF Solutions (CRFS). The agreement was finalized December 31, 2021.

On January 3rd CRF Solutions happily welcomed the BICA team to CRF Solutions.

BICA was founded in 1903 as a Mutual Benefit California company. BICA specializes in construction notice management and credit management services to the building industry, such as a one-of-a-kind California Notice of Completion monitoring service and construction tailored credit reports. Consolidating our notice and lien services was a natural fit and opportunity to increase the value offered to our clients in the marketplace.

The acquisition retains all key BICA employees and BICA members will receive the same service for their construction credit needs from the same staff they know and trust.

Both CRF Solutions and our BICA team share a passion for high quality, human centered research to ensure the most accurate construction notices in the industry. Together we deliver a best-in-class service that begins with front-end credit risk evaluation, shines with construction notice services and ends with back-end collection tools, including legal remedies Our mutual vision of end-to-end construction credit services for all our clients is just around the corner.

BICA members may now take advantage of CRFS’ integrated tools that automate the selection of jobs for notice and have direct access to construction knowledgeable commercial collection services. This includes the highly successful after lien filing service, “Rapid Collect and Rebate” that offers exceptional contingency rates and a rebate of preparation fees once the balance is collected. Rapid Collect and Rebate drives a compelling 85% recovery rate when engaged within 10 days of lien filing.

CRFS clients may now utilize construction centric customer Credit Reports, weekly updates on California and Arizona lien filings and BICA’s highly touted Notice of Completion monitoring service.

We look forward to sharing combined capabilities with our valued client partners in the coming months. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have questions or would like to know more about how we can add value to your credit department.

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