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"I've been particularly impressed with your Small Claims division. The guidance and documentation you prepare for our court appearances has made attendance painless and productive - I've not found this offered at any other agency."

- Anheuser Busch

Nicole Fey - February 2024


February’s EOM has been a key player in developing new processes and procedures for this department.

They have built, scaled, adapted, and streamlined many of our protocols in response to the rapid growth of our company in the recent years.

Their positive, high-energy attitude allows them to find creative ways to support the vision of our company, as well as foster and develop genuine relationships with their peers. They continue to take an active role in the success of others by always seeing the good in people and encouraging other members of the staff to do the same.

We are incredibly fortunate to have her as our Manager of Training and Development and look forward to working with her in the years to come. February’s employee of the month is Nicole Fey.

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