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"I've been particularly impressed with your Small Claims division. The guidance and documentation you prepare for our court appearances has made attendance painless and productive - I've not found this offered at any other agency."

- Anheuser Busch

Brea Loniero - April 2021


Brea can consistently be relied upon to get the job done. She has managed to become the highest producer in the department while maintaining quality and delivering outstanding customer service.

This past month she kicked it up even more while closing out an impressive 50 notices more over the next closest verifier, and that is while being on vacation for 4 days!

Brea is always willing to pitch in and help wherever we need her to. Her commitment to her work is outstanding! She has proven to be invaluable to the Lien Operations Department. We know we can count on her to get the job done and support her team.

Congratulations Brea! Keep up the Great work.

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