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"We have been doing business with your company for about 10 years. In my 40 years in the credit business, I have never been happier with a collection agency than I am with yours."

- Coca-Cola

Additional Recovery Options


Even in a good economy, the cost of suing your customers for money they owe you can be very expensive. Filing fees, attorney fees, not to mention, the legal process can be, and usually is, very time consuming.
These reasons lead many to write off millions of dollars of debt because the individual balances owed are not large enough to warrant the cost of legal action.

You can believe most of your customers are aware of this and utilize this knowledge when deciding which invoices to pay.

An option you should consider, is Small Claims Court. Judgments are obtained much faster than standard legal accounts and at a fraction of the cost.
Disputes are resolved quickly, inexpensively and the rules are simple. The hearing is informal and the judgment is just as enforceable as any Municipal or Superior Court judgment AND lawyers are NOT allowed, which explains why things move fast in Small Claims Court.

For more information about Small Claims, contact our Client Service Department at 800-522-3858 or

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