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"CRFS not only has collected over 68% of our bad debt, their abilities have taken a tremendous burden off my shoulders.  With revenues of over 1.5 billion a year, and the responsibility of keeping our DSO at 32 days or less, I appreciate all of you."

- Securitas

The Convenience of ACH


In an ongoing effort to reduce our carbon footprint, CRF Solutions is set to receive and submit payments via ACH.

With ACH payments, the funds are transferred electronically, saving you the hassle of manually sending and/or receiving physical checks.

Unlike a paper check, which may have to go through the mail, an ACH payment is paid online, cutting down on processing time.

ACH payments are often given preferred funding over paper checks, meaning that banks will usually process an ACH payment before a paper check.

At CRF Solutions, we are well on our way to bringing more convenience and faster payment options to our clients.

Are you ready to have faster transfer of funds? It is easy to get started and takes only a few minutes.

Please reach out to our Client Service Department at today and let us assist you in getting onboard and reducing our carbon footprint.

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