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"CRFS not only has collected over 68% of our bad debt, their abilities have taken a tremendous burden off my shoulders.  With revenues of over 1.5 billion a year, and the responsibility of keeping our DSO at 32 days or less, I appreciate all of you."

- Securitas

Waiver View Mobile App


We have some exciting news for you!
CRF Solutions is now on your favorite mobile app platforms , Google Play and Apple App Store.

Announcing WaiverView, the mobile solution for creating and sending Lien Waivers. Logon and search for “WaiverView”.

Our team works hard researching and preparing notices so that our clients have the right to file a lien or make bond claim. When things run perfectly those notices prompt payments that make their way down the construction food chain from the owner, through the general contractor and eventually on to our customer.

Lien Waivers complete the loop: Notice – Payment – Waiver. The lien or bond rights were secured with the notice we sent and once payment is made our client sends a waiver to “waive” those rights, assuring the payment was received and no lien or bond claim will be made.

Clients can now download the application and login with their current ClientView logon.
Once the app is opened the user friendly interface walks them through selecting the job, creating and then emailing the waiver.
Clients have already raved about how easy and convenient it is to use the app.

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