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"CRFS not only has collected over 68% of our bad debt, their abilities have taken a tremendous burden off my shoulders.  With revenues of over 1.5 billion a year, and the responsibility of keeping our DSO at 32 days or less, I appreciate all of you."

- Securitas

Sergio Renes - March 2020


The Silent Hero Gets His Day In The Sun

Sergio has now been with CRF Solutions for over 15 years and for a company whose employees and clients rely heavily on our systems and technology, having Sergio as part of our family has been a blessing.

Aside from his depth of knowledge, along with his desire to learn what he doesn’t already know, Sergio’s forward thinking has kept our systems one to two steps ahead of what we have needed as we have grown over the years.

Whether it is upgrading and replacing servers, increasing our network abilities, setting up and administering our phone system, maintaining an extensive back up process, increasing our bandwidth or just dealing with the day to day challenges, when the need arises, he gets it done.

Recently his foresight and abilities paid off for us in a very big way.
As the Covid-19 crisis unfolded last month, we had to get more than 40 of our employees’ setup to work from home. Sergio was able to accomplish this in one weekend and on that Monday we were a fully functional team that had not missed a beat.

Had Sergio not proactively upgraded our systems and network in 2019, this type of transition would not have been possible. In addition, he was able to do this without expressing any of the many frustrations he dealt with to make this happen.

It goes without saying we could not be happier or more proud to have Sergio as part of our CRF Solutions family and look forward to seeing how he will dazzle all of us in the future.
Thank you Sergio for doing what you do and for caring so much for CRF Solutions.

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