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"Three things differentiate CRFS from the pack - your outstanding listening skills, a nimble IT department, and exceptional training. This I believe is the core strength of your organization and the primary reason your lien service is so extraordinary."

- Horizon Distibutors, Inc.

Sergio Renes- November 2020


To say he is a Rock Star would be a vast understatement. For all of us here at CRF Solutions, he is our Silent Hero.

He is always on, night and day, from 4am calls to weekend office runs, he never seems to break a sweat, “cool as a cucumber” “above and beyond” these are terms used to describe Sergio on a regular basis.

He tirelessly works behind the scenes doing everything possible to foresee events before they impact our clients and staff.

Sergio’s preemptive ninja level skillset is impressive to say the least. When unforeseen events do surprise us, Sergio is on it without missing a beat, always with a smile on his face and a sense of humor to match.

Congratulations Sergio! Keep up the great work.

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