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"We appreciate your efficiency and outstanding resources you offer. Having used several collection agencies none compare to yours. The pride and dedication you take in the smallest to the largest balances assigned to your agency have been noticed."

- Ventura County Star

Nancy Rodriguez- Sept. 2020


Nancy is someone who can consistently be relied upon to get the job done. No matter what we throw her way, Nancy promptly gets through each job with a remarkable attention to detail. She is always willing to assist our clients, providing each one with excellent service. She can be counted on to manage any tasks to support her team.

Nancy's dedication to her work is top notch! She can be counted on to manage any tasks to support her team. Nancy handles challenges very well. When she is on the job, she rises to challenges each and every time.

Although she is working remotely, it has not caused any disruption in her production, as a matter of fact it has actually increased since the transition to working remotely.

Nancy is a crucial member of our CRF Solutions team, especially to our Construction Notice Department. Congratulations Nancy! Keep up the Great work.

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